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so what is this exactly?

around 2014-2015 i began an inside joke with my friend where i would call her a random rodent (taken from the wikipedia page List Of Rodents) along with a series of random weird adjectives. instead of insulting her in a regular way like a normal person.

my original process was just copy pasting this list of rodents into a spreadsheet, and crossing them off as i went, which i did for about two years. however, i'm more of a 'be laz-- er, i mean 'work smart' type person, so i set up a random generator in 2020 and, for fun, slapped some images on it, which i later redid in october 2021.

the random generation was originally in php, but that meant people were refreshing the page over and over, which is slow and unoptimal. some people are apparently still refreshing the page over and over, which is hilarious. you can click the rat, queen xoxo